Open Educational Resource Policy Considerations and Recommendations: Arguments for Library Involvement

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Coyne, Aisling
Alfis, Robert
Irish Journal of Academic Practice
Open Educational Resources
Open Educational Resources (OER) have the potential to provide great benefit to those both in, and outside of, higher education. With financial pressure existing for both students, and libraries, OER could be uniquely positioned to alleviate some of this strain. This paper examines the role institutional and national OER policy plays in the development and use of OER in the context of the 2019 UNESCO OER recommendations, National Forum 2021 enabling policies recommendations for Ireland as well as the impact policy, or lack thereof can have on an institutional level. Librarians and the librarian skill such as in knowledge and experience in navigating copyright, licensing issues, intellectual property, rights, and discoverability, can be greatly beneficial to the creation, publishing and storing of OER but several barriers exist including awareness, staffing, skills, time, and institutional culture. This paper discusses policy concerns and considerations and makes arguments for librarian involvement and illustrates areas in which librarians’ skills can be leveraged. Inequality, access, accessibility, and the common ethics that underpin both Open Education and librarianship are key considerations and are discussed throughout.
Coyne, A. and Alfis, R. (2021) ‘Open educational resource policy considerations and recommendations: arguments for library involvement’, Irish Journal of Academic Practice, 9(12), pp. 1–17. doi:10.21427/X4Q4-FX43.