Recent Submissions

  • The Opportunities and Challenges of Hosting on the Cloud 

    Hickey, Brian (DBS Library Annual Seminar, 2014)
    The idea of the presentation is to present at a high level the benefits and pitfalls of using Cloud Computing within a Library setting. As budgets within libraries are becoming further squeezed, more and more of the daily ...
  • Big Data Big Opportunities for Librarians 2017 

    Hickey, Brian (DBS Annual Library Seminar, 2017)
  • ETBI FET Digital Library: A Shared Digital Library for the Irish Further Education and Training Sector 

    Alfis, Robert; Hughes, David (IFLA, 2022)
    The Irish Further Education and Training Sector (FET), having developed organically in recent years and undergone structural reform, has witnessed inconsistent library provision across the sector. The ETBI FET Digital ...
  • Integrating Visual Literacy Training into the Business Curriculum. A Case Study at Dublin Business School 

    Hughes, David (DBS Business Review, 2017)
    Visual literacy, the ability to interpret, analyse and create visual material, is an increasingly crucial skill for today’s graduates. However, this importance has not yet led to its teaching being widely introduced into ...
  • Koha: An Open Source Library Management System 

    Hughes, David (New Professionals Day Ireland, 2015)
    A presentation introducing and describing the Koha Library Management system and showing its interoperability with other open source library software.
  • Ten Open Source Tools Which Will Transform Your Library and Your Library Budget* 

    Hughes, David (DBS Library Annual Seminar, 2016)
    Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) can be used to great advantage in libraries. This presentation gives a short description and history of FOSS and offers examples of FOSS that can be used in a library setting as an ...
  • Measuring Library Impact at DBS 

    Hughes, David (DBS Library Annual Seminar, 2015)
    Academic libraries need new methods of demonstrating their value to their institutions and their patrons. One potential method is to investigate a link between library usage and student attainment. This presentation describes ...
  • I am the Virtual Librarian (But You Don't Have to Be) 

    Hughes, David (LAI Career Development Group, 2015)
    This presentation looks at libraries moving into virtual spaces and the skills need to thrive as library expand their online presence. Situational awareness are advocacy are suggested as a necessary skills.
  • Migration to the Koha Open Source LMS: The DBS Library Experience 

    Hughes, David (DBS Library Annual Seminar, 2014)
    As the Library Management System (LMS) sits at the heart of the library, it is important that both staff (desktop interface) and users (OPAC) are happy with the LMS that is in place. In 2013 after a period of growing ...
  • Open Educational Resource Policy Considerations and Recommendations: Arguments for Library Involvement 

    Coyne, Aisling; Alfis, Robert (Irish Journal of Academic Practice, 2021)
    Open Educational Resources (OER) have the potential to provide great benefit to those both in, and outside of, higher education. With financial pressure existing for both students, and libraries, OER could be uniquely ...
  • Getting Ahead in the Cloud: Web and IT Skills for Librarians 

    Hughes, David (New Professionals Day Ireland, 2013)
    As information moves online, there is a need for librarians to embrace more technical skills. This presentation to newly qualified and early career librarians aims to demystify library systems and suggests ways of developing ...
  • The Role of a Managing Editor 

    Alfis, Robert (LAI Library Publishing Group, 2021)
    This presentation provides an overview of the role of managing editor on an open access peer reviewed academic journal.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to ePortfolios 

    Alfis, Robert (LAI Career Development Group, 2020)
    ePortolios provide an excellent means of collating learning professional development as well as well showcase and identify all the skills you have gained. This presentation, aimed at library staff, provides an introduction ...
  • Connecting Librarians: The HECA Library Group Pilot of the Professional Development Framework 

    O’Neill, Marie; Alfis, Robert; Buggle, Jane; McKenna, Robert; Geraghty, Audrey; Buckley, Mary; Smyth, Justin; Ní Bhraonain, Dimphne; Hughes, David; Haugh, Trevor (L2L, 2019)
    The Higher Education Colleges Association (HECA) represents the interests of fifteen private higher education institutions in the Republic of Ireland. Its Committees include a Teaching and Learning Committee and a Library ...
  • Open Educational Resources 

    Hughes, David (2021-04-22)
    A brief introduction to Open Educational Resources, indicating the rationale for their existence and their benefits and drawbacks.