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    A Digital Library for the Irish Further Education and Training Sector
    (LAI-CILIP Ireland, 2023) Hughes, David; Alfis, Robert
    Education and Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) is the national representative association for the sixteen statutory local education bodies (Education and Training Boards – ETBs) that deliver a wide range of education services, including further education and training (FET), across the Republic of Ireland. Library service provision in the FET sector is not as consistent or as complete as in Higher Education. To remedy this, ETBI has created an online Digital library for the FET sector that provides access to electronic resources to the ETB FET sector  This presentation will describe the origin and development of the Digital Library and will provide examples of where the Digital Library has made a difference through efficiency (FET resources for Ukrainians in Ireland), economies of scale (resources for a nationally rolled out Early Learning and Care course) and introducing Open Educational Resources to the FET sector (the “Maths for Trades” workbook series). 
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    The Opportunities and Challenges of Hosting on the Cloud
    (DBS Library Annual Seminar, 2014) Hickey, Brian
    The idea of the presentation is to present at a high level the benefits and pitfalls of using Cloud Computing within a Library setting. As budgets within libraries are becoming further squeezed, more and more of the daily operations are either being automated or migrated to the cloud. The benefits are clear, the potential for hassle free computing, cheaper to run, easier to scale, the provision of test environments, reliable archiving functions, open source software, etc.. However there are large potential pitfalls that need to be avoided, regarding governance issues, security, data protection and retention, licensing, potential for vendor-lock in, etc.. These all need to be understood before an informed decision can be made re migration to the Cloud, in the hope of avoiding Gartner’s “trough of disillusionment”.
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    Big Data Big Opportunities for Librarians 2017
    (DBS Annual Library Seminar, 2017) Hickey, Brian
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    Koha: An Open Source Library Management System
    (New Professionals Day Ireland, 2015) Hughes, David
    A presentation introducing and describing the Koha Library Management system and showing its interoperability with other open source library software.
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    Ten Open Source Tools Which Will Transform Your Library and Your Library Budget*
    (DBS Library Annual Seminar, 2016) Hughes, David
    Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) can be used to great advantage in libraries. This presentation gives a short description and history of FOSS and offers examples of FOSS that can be used in a library setting as an alternative to commercial software.