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    Integrating SEDNA Research Innovations into Arctic Bridge Design and Maritime Training
    (European Comission, 2020) Lynch, Robert
    Identifying areas for integrating research innovations into existing technology suites and professional practices is key to ensuring that SEDNA outputs deliver impacts throughout industry, regulatory, and policy making stakeholders. This report identifies the key global maritime frameworks which much must be considered for integrating new technologies, while also road-mapping areas for inclusion from an operational and training perspective.
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    Arctic Navigation and Communications Solutions, Roadmaps and Mitigation Strategies
    (European Comission, 2019) Lynch, Robert; Griew, Mike
    Identifying e-navigation and Communication limitations, solutions and coping mechanisms is a key activity in ensuring that the EU H2020 funded SEDNA project delivered impactful outputs for industry, policy makers and societal stakeholders. This report explores the challenges associated with electronic navigation and communications when operating at high latitudes, while also illustrating efforts currently underway to address these challenges.
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    SEDNA Codified Arctic Knowledge Base
    (European Comission, 2019) Lynch, Robert
    This report sets out, in end-user terms, the key considerations for ensuring that Maritime Professionals can safely navigate and operate within Polar/Arctic/Ice affected regions. By providing a consolidation of findings, methods, best practices and guidelines from industry validated knowledge sources, the SEDNA programme and indeed end-users can access a bank of comprehensive knowledge in which the focus is specifically on completing Safe Arctic Navigation. This report addresses such engagement, by presenting a codified knowledge source, which outlines “real world” end-user considerations, which were developed through interactions with Ice Navigation experts, field trip observations, and continuous engagement with the relevant expertise within the SEDNA project.