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    ETBI FET Digital Library: A Shared Digital Library for the Irish Further Education and Training Sector
    (IFLA, 2022) Alfis, Robert; Hughes, David
    The Irish Further Education and Training Sector (FET), having developed organically in recent years and undergone structural reform, has witnessed inconsistent library provision across the sector. The ETBI FET Digital Library, launched in 2020, provides access to digital resources that support teaching and learning practices and to enhance the educational experience for learners. This sectoral digital library provides a cost-effective, shared resource to the 16 Education and Training Boards (ETBs) in Ireland. A singular library ensures these resources are easy to discover and retrieve for learners and staff in ETBs. A wide variety of content has been made available including reference material, subject guides, tutorials, quizzes and resources, all aimed at FET learners and practitioners. The Digital Library fosters a culture of sharing and collaboration, hosting Open Educational Resources created and developed by the sector. The FET Digital Library also hosts a blog for practitioners to showcase, promote, and disseminate best practice, knowledge and updates. Recent library additions include an online Community of Practice for Early Learning and Care managers. Future plans include a peer-reviewed open access journal and sectoral repository.